Unlimited Residual Income

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How much can you make?

Our unique structure gives our Loan Officers the opportunity to create residual income throughout their career.

Refer just ONE AGENT, and you could pay for that DREAM VACATION!
Refer TWO AGENTS, and you could be paying your monthly CAR PAYMENT!
Refer FIVE AGENTS, and you could be making your monthly MORTGAGE PAYMENTS!

How Does it Work?

Know someone who would love to work with Copperstate lending? Refer a loan officer to join our team anywhere we operate and receive a BONUS on every transaction they close, for as long as they are an active licensed Loan Officer with Copperstate Lending.

Example:  Tracy is a Copperstate Lending Loan officer; she tells her friend Mike about Copperstate Lending and our services.  Mike joins Copperstate Lending and closes 3 loans for $875,000 the following month. Copperstate Lending pays Tracy 10 basis points of Mike’s total loan production of $875,000. Tracy’s residual income is $875.


Earn Unlimited Residual Income

As long as both originators are active, licensed employees with Copperstate the .001% bonus is ongoing and payable on every transaction.


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Here is a sample of what you could earn:

If you referred and sponsored 10 Loan originators over the span of your career – and they had an annual funded loan volume of $10M each – you would be making an EXTRA $100,000 on top of your personal sales production. *

There is NO CAP on how much you can earn!

*projections based on each Loan officer’s annual funded loan production of $10M


Copperstate Lending is poised to hire a team of productive, like minded Loan originators that are looking for a great place to do business and earn unlimited income. Join us today. 

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